The EAG Exchange is the industry’s first ever ‘User-Driven Appraisal’ tool and leverages
unique marketplace advantages in order to provide vehicle values that consistently outbid
the market.


EAG Exchange price values are not determined robots. Instead, unlike the techies we don’t rely on algorithms or book values alone when determining the value of your car. Our process is handled by a team of industry experts and our pricing is determined by real human beings that possess actual industry knowledge, along with the ability to properly account for all of the variables that affect the true value of your car.

The EAG Exchange team understands that there are many factors affecting a vehicles value that cannot be identified by simply scanning a VIN number. The information asked of our users is done so with the specific intent of using it in order to leverage our advantages, enhance your cars value and ultimately provide you with the highest possible offer possible.

With decades worth of experience buying and selling cars, you benefit from our teams enhanced market knowledge and industry contacts. These Intangibles may not be as efficient as their automated competitors, but when it comes to determining what your car is really worth- these benefits often equate to vast price differences.

  • Guaranteed Cash Values. Never re-negotiated.
  • We come to you! That's right, we will come to your home or office to appraise, pickup and even pay
  • Top dollar values. We pay more for the right cars.